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On a Mission

To help Women 
Find your voice.
Learn to use it.
Learn to trust it.  

Understanding who we are is the key to unlocking our strengths

The best way to build our strength to thrive in our relationships, our careers, or our life, is to know who we really are.  That's where I come in.

Learning that I control my own thoughts and what others do or think doesn't have to affect my choices Is a freeing and peaceful place to be.  Because I learned to live this way I am able to teach it to my girls.  I'm a better woman and mom because of you.


If you’re hesitating, all I can say is DO IT! Andrea has helped me grow in ways I didn’t even realize I needed!


Getting to know the real me lead to a confidence and love for myself that I have never experinced.  This has impacted every aspect of my life in incredible ways.


Let's take the pieces of your unique puzzle and build them into the strong leader that you already are.

Andrea Inverso, Founder

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