I help women who want to make a difference. 

Together we  Find your Passion 

and use it to build a life or a legacy

you Love!


My mission is to help other women to find their voice, learn to use it for good, and most importantly learn to trust it.  When you work with me you learn how to become everything you want to be without sacrificing who you are.  

Personal Coaching

You were a positive voice that my ears could hear right then.  You gave me practical steps to get my feet in motion and my mind headed in the right direction. I needed someone to believe in me, because I just couldn't do it myself.  I didn't even know that was a thing! Confidence and belief were nowhere in my game at that time! THANK YOU!

— Bobbie

Happy Couple on the Beach

Andrea really helped me "zoom out" when looking at my business and see what the truly important things are. One major thing she brought me back to was that I just needed to be me. Not who I'm 'supposed to be'. 

Since working with Andrea I've felt so much more relaxed in the work I am putting out there, how I can help, and my feelings of overwhelm and being "stuck". Thank you Andrea

— Sam

Professional Young Woman


When I  hired Andrea and I was so very nervous about taking that step. Personally and financially. Talking to her once and feeling a sense of empowerment, confidence, and strength in just that first session let me know that, yes, I have what it takes to be so great in my business, help others and add to my personal growth in ways I just didn’t know how to do.


She is truly a coach who listens and lets you figure it out with just a push here, a word there, a “ Go girl” shout out at the right time and a soft touch with being vulnerable becomes too much. You are hiring your dreams, the life you want, and the person that is already inside you when you grab her up as your Coach!

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