As you think, so shall you be

What does that even mean?

I didn't get it at first either.

As you become more self-aware, you realize that your thoughts really do control your reality.

I was talking with a friend last night. She was telling me about her friend who has been overweight her entire life. Even though she has lost 80 lbs and is now a size 6, she continues to see herself as overweight.

Unfortunately, she will probably eventually gain it all back and maybe more. Why? Because her thoughts about who she is are controlling her reality.

It's a mindset. A story we tell ourselves about who we are. If we don't change our thinking we go back to believing that we are "big girl"; or we are the quitter or we are the unsuccessful one. Everything bad happens to me. and so, it does.

It's time to let go of your story. Write a new version of the freaking awesome woman that you are.

"As you think, so shall you be"


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