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Gentle Reminders

For me and a lot of the people that I love, a feather is a symbol of my friend Josie who lost her life way too soon. She always shows up at the right time.

This morning I posted in one of my groups about how the bitch that shows up with negativity is always on my right shoulder, and the "good witch" always shows up on my left. Just a few minutes later I walked past the mirror and saw this a feather stuck to my left shoulder.💗

To me, finding a feather means she is there and she is letting me know. It's a symbol of love and encouragement. A reminder that we need to live life today. Josie did that to the fullest. Sometimes too full but man did she love life. She always made me laugh. I believe strongly in signs. I believe that when we are about to go to the next level in our life it gets really hard, we get really scared and that is when it is the most important to jump.

Josie gave me my sign.

My wish for you today is that you will keep looking for yours💗


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