The world is waiting for a leader like you

Are you someone who dreams of something more?  You want to go for your dream job, run for public office, start a charitable organization or community movement; but you’re not sure you have the confidence or the network to do it?

Do you want to make a difference in your own life or in the lives of others?


 Maybe create a legacy that lives on forever by making the world a better place?

WomenLead is a network for curious women that are dedicated to finding and using their unique gifts and skill sets to advance themselves in new and impactful ways. 


It’s for women who want to learn how to speak up for herself and for others,  and do it by being who she is, NOT who the world says she should be.

Women are natural leaders. 

We are the matriarchs of our families - the rock that holds us together.

We love with our whole hearts.  We often fight for the dreams of our spouse or kids, 

while taking judgment for what we say, how we dress, or how we look.

Yet we persist.


The qualities women inherently feel;  


make us stronger, not weaker. 

We want to show you a new way to lead


I am Andrea Inverso. Founder of WomenLead

I know what it feels like to make decisions based on insecurity and doubt,  afraid to be your authentic self.





Our mission is to help women to find their voice and learn to use it.

Our approach to leadership offers something more than just working for self-gain; we take you on a journey to discover your unique gifts and help you create an inspiring mission and vision for your cause

We help you learn to trust yourself and step into leadership roles with confidence and determination.  


When you work with us you learn how to become everything you want to be without sacrificing who you are.  

Are You Ready?

Our next session is opening soon and there are limited seats available.

 Let us show you how to use the qualifications you already possess to become the leader you were meant to be.  

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Challenging the Status Quo

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We Are With You Every Step of The Way

Our classes are small enough to give you personalized attention.


We help you build a firm foundation by taking you through our 4 pillar process designed to guide you to uncover your

unique code of ethics.


We help you build your confidence by helping you tame your inner critic, change your perspective, and keep your mind open to possibility

Too often, when we take on a leadership roles, we are pressured to abandon the qualities that make us who we are. 


We enter a man’s world where the expectation is to fight for our seat at the table.

Hustle for your worth, crush or be crushed because if you let up, they will run you over.

When we don’t feel heard or understood, we begin to believe that we are the problem.

We have overwhelming thoughts that 

we are not smart enough or strong enough 

Finally, we cave.   

We forget why we started.

We  follow the status quo and begin to become who we SHOULD  be rather than be who we are

We Want to Show You How It Can Be Different

Learn How To...

Program Details:

"Let's take the pieces of your unique puzzle and build them into the beautiful person and strong leader that you are."


  •  A 5-week group experience via Zoom

  • Accountability partner

  • 1 private coaching session

  • Private Facebook group

  • A workbook filled with tools and activities

  • An action plan for your next steps 

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Speak up in the meeting even when your idea may be different.

Know your value and how to confidently ask for the raise or the sale

Trust yourself enough to make the right decision for YOU 

Understand the struggles that all women face


Cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration not competition

Communicate your message more clearly

It's Time

By the end of our program, you will be confident enough to be a voice of impact in your family, your community, your state, or your nation. 


We will help you set up an action plan for your next steps.  We’ll show you how to create a vision and culture for your circle that promotes groundbreaking  leadership


We can help you become the heart-centered leader that can change the world.